Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Edition of A Writer's Reference

Virginia Commonwealth University's Focused Inquiry program had a particular challenge when looking for textbooks. The two interdisciplinary courses that all first-year students must take focus on written and oral communication, critical thinking and problem solving, information retrieval and evaluation, and collaboration.

Although the faculty valued Diana Hacker's A Writer's Reference as the best handbook on the market, no single textbook could meet the program's unique needs. Therefore, to A Writer's Reference the program added four new tabbed sections; three contain Bedford/St. Martin’s content–Oral Presentations in the Composition Course, Portfolio Keeping, and chapters from From Critical Thinking to Argument–and one showcases the award winners from the Focused Inquiry Student Essay Contest.

"Designing and building a text with Bedford's resources was valuable for us and our students because we could combine diverse materials in a package that was more affordable for students. Every part of our custom text is integrated into the classroom, so there is no 'waste.'... Working with Bedford has been a rewarding experience, for the materials and help they provide are top-notch."

Liz Canfield
Virginia Commonwealth University