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BioPortal is the digital gateway to all of the WH Freeman teaching and learning resources available for biology. BioPortal integrates your biology textbook, all of the student and instructor media, extensive assessment resources, and course planning resources all into a powerful and easy-to-use learning management system. All of this means that your students get easy access to learning resources, presented in the proper context and at the proper time, and you get a complete learning management system, ready to use, without hours of prep work.

Bio News Feed

BioNews from Scientific American
Easily accessible from the BioPortal home page, BioNews is a continuously updated feed of current news, fascinating science commentary, and other biology-related stories and images. Content includes news updates, podcasts, magazine articles, science blog entries, "strange but true" stories, and more. BioNews makes it easy for you to bring the dynamic nature of the biological sciences and up-to-the-minute currency into your course.

Bio Assessment Tool

The BioPortal platform offers powerful assessment tools in an integrated environment that includes a wealth of student and instructor media resources and the complete eBook. Pre-built Personalized Study Plans give students guidance on which areas of each chapter they should focus on in their studies, and give instructors an instant report on overall class comprehension of the major areas of each chapter. In addition, multiple banks of test questions can be used to quickly create and assign custom assessments. Assessment features of BioPortal include:

  • Personalized Study planIntegrated Personalized Study Plans offer study guidance to students and instant class comprehension feedback to instructors, along with targeted resources for those areas that need the most attention.
  • eBook Media Integration allows instructors to easily insert supplemental photos and videos from the Instructor’s Media Library or your own content into the eBook notes truly customizing the student experience.
  • Easy-to-use custom assessment tools allow you to quickly create quizzes and many other types of assignments using any combination of the questions and resources provided and your own materials. Resources can be easily added and reorganized, and everything is assignable.
  • Comprehensive question banks including test bank, study guide, textbook self-quiz, and online quiz questions.
  • Student self-assessment resources, such as Interactive Quizzes that include diagrams, instant feedback on all answer choices, and direct links to textbook pages for review.

Exclusively for the Ninth Edition of Life:

Prep-U: Smarter than the Average Quiz
New for the Ninth Edition, the powerful adaptive quizzing of Prep-U is available from within BioPortal. This new integration allows you to assign Prep-U quizzing from within BioPortal, view reports of your students’ activity, and get results automatically reported into your BioPortal gradebook.

BioPortal Integration Customization

Integration and Customization
Virtually every aspect of BioPortal is customizable, from the layout of the course and its elements to the content of the eBook. Instructors can easily add their own resources to their course, remove those elements they don’t want to use, create custom assignments and assessments, and assign anything included in BioPortal. Features include:

  • Custom chapter and resource selection
  • Re-ordering and re-organization of all resources
  • Easy instructor resource integration
  • Custom assignments and assessments
  • Editing of test bank questions
  • Upload of documents
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