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DevelopmentPortal combines a fully customizable eBook, tutorials, conceptual learning aids, and homework management tools, all in one affordable and easy-to-use learning space. DevelopmentPortal connects seamlessly with your campus course management system or can be used independent of any course management system.

DevelopmentPortal Features:

Student Video Activities

Student Video Activities are found embedded within the eBook and bring real and relevant examples that help illustrate key concepts and themes of the human development course.

Video Activities

Interactive eBook

Developed by a cognitive psychologist (Ph.D., Yale University) and former instructor of undergraduate psychology (University of Massachusetts), the interactive eBook fully integrates and contextualizes a rich collection of media resources with the traditional pedagogy of the textbook.

The eBook's highlighting, bookmarking, and note-taking tools make it easy for students to personalize their version, just like the printed textbook. Instructors can also customize any eBook page with comments, external Web links, and supplemental resources.

Interactive eBook

Diagnostic Quizzing/Study Plans

Informed by the latest research in formative assessment, DevelopmentPortalā€™s Diagnostic Quizzing helps students pinpoint the concepts and themes that are most difficult for them to grasp. Personalized Study Plans quiz results to direct students to reading sections, interactive activities, and other resources to help them focus study time on important concepts they need to master.

Instructors can assign the Pre-lecture Quizzes to see how well students comprehend the material before coming to class; or direct them to the Mastery Quizzes, which they can use to gauge their understanding at any time throughout the semester. Quizzes are randomized and timed, and instructors can receive summaries of student results.

Study Plan

Scientific American News Feed

Located on the DevelopmentPortal homepage, this continuously updated feed exposes students to the latest findings, research, and interesting developments in the news today. Content includes current psychology news, podcasts, magazine articles, "strange but true" stories, and more.

Scientific American News Feeds

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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DevelopmentPortal for Berger, Invitation to the Life Span, 1st Edition

Invitation to the Life Span

DevelopmentPortal for Berger, The Developing Person Through the Life Span, 8th Edition

The Developing Person Through the Life Span, 8e

Child Development

DevelopmentPortal for Lightfoot, The Development of Children 7th Edition

DevelopmentPortal for Berger, The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence, 9th Edition

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