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EconPortal provides a powerful, easy-to-use, completely customizable teaching and learning management system complete with the following:

Interactive eBook

The eBook's functionality provides for highlighting, note-taking, graph and example enlargement, a fully searchable glossary, and a full text search. You can customize any eBook page with comments, external web links, and supplemental resources.

Interactive eBook


Based on research on how students learn, LearningCurve really works: Game-like quizzing motivates students to engage with their course, and reporting tools help teachers get a handle on what their class needs to focus on. Assign LearningCurve activities and watch your students and class use our adaptive quizzing to master course content and really learn what's in their book. Click through one of our interactive demos and see how LearningCurve can work for you.

Study Plan

Fully Integrated Learning Management System:

EconPortal is meant to be a one-stop shop for all the resources tied to the book. The system will carefully integrate the teaching and learning resources for the book into an easy-to-use system.

Management System
Assignment Center

Assignment Center:

The Assignment Center organizes pre-loaded assignments (based on a comprehensive course outline) and provides the flexibility for you to add your own assignments. The Assignment Center enables you to create assignments from a variety of question types and to prepare self-graded homework, quizzes, or tests. You can select your preferred policies for scheduling, maximum attempts, time limitations, feedback, and more. A setup wizard will guide you through assignment creation. You can assign and track any aspect of your students' EconPortal. The Gradebook will capture your students' results and allow you to easily export reports. Assignments may be created from the following pools of questions:

  • Test Bank Questions
  • End-of-Chapter Problems: The end-of-chapter Problems from the Text are available in a self-graded format—perfect for quick quizzes or homework assignments.
  • Graphing Questions: EconPortal for use in Principles of Economics courses includes electronically-gradable graphing problems. Students draw their response to a question and the software grades that response. These graphing exercises replicate the pencil-and-paper experience for students of drawing graphs—with the added bonus that you don't have to hand-grade each assignment.

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Macroeconomics, 3e

Microeconomics, 3rd Edition

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Economics for AP*

Economics in Modules, 2nd edition

Economics in Modules, 2e

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 Macroeconomics in Modules, 2e

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Modern Principles of Economics

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