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Back to School? Tools for Your First Day

Help your students get started in HistoryClass! We recommend that you download the tools below and e-mail them to students before class begins, show them in the first days of class, or post them to your Web site or course management system. If possible, spend the first day of class in a computer lab to get everyone registered in HistoryClass.

HistoryClass Versions:

America's History, Seventh Edition

America's History, 7e, CV

The American Promise, Fourth Edition

The American Promise, 4e, V1

The American Promise, Fifth Edition

The American Promise, 5e

America: A Concise History, Fourth Edition

A Concise History, 4e, V1

America: A Concise History, Fifth Edition

America: A Concise History, 5e

A History of Western Society, Tenth Edition

A History of World Society, Ninth Edition

A History of World Society, 9e

The Making of the West, Fourth Edition

The Making of the West, 4e

Understanding the American Promise

Understanding Western Society

Ways of the World, Combined Edition

Ways of the World: A Brief
Global History with Sources

Ways of the World