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SkillsClass works for students

SkillsClass helps students master basic reading, writing and study skills—with tools that make it easy for them to see what they’ve done and where they need to go next.

Write Write
SkillsClass helps students master basic grammar and improve their writing, with multi-step lessons and tools for composing, revising, and sharing drafts.
Adapt Adapt
LearningCurve, a new formative and adaptive learning activity with a gamelike interface, allows students to learn and review grammar skills at their own pace.
Study Study
Modules (multi-step lessons) on grammar, reading, and basic study skills include tutorials, reading instruction, comprehension quizzes, and activities that use real-life writing.
Succeed Succeed
Activities, video, and exercises reinforce the basic skills students need to succeed in college.
Practice Practice
Diagnostics on sentence-level reading and grammar skills guide students into personalized study plans for targeted practice.
Focus Focus
The Assignment Center keeps students on track with announcements, e-mail reminders, and personal study plans.
Engage Engage
Video, interactive tutorials, multimodal readings, and multi-part lessons keep students connected to course content. Powerful commenting, discussion, and peer review tools keep students connected to you and their peers, 24/7.
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