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StatsPortal combines a fully customizable eBook, tutorials, conceptual learning aids, and homework management tools, all in one affordable and easy-to-use learning space. StatsPortal connects seamlessly with your campus course management system or can be used independent of any course management system.

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StatsPortal Features:

Interactive eBook

A complete and customizable online version of the text, fully integrated with all the media resources available with the text. The eBook allows students to quickly search the text, highlight key areas, and add notes about what they’re reading. Instructors can customize the eBook to add, hide, and reorder content and highlight key text for students.

Interactive eBook


Student Resources:

  • StatTutor These multimedia tutorials explore important concepts and procedures in a presentation that combines video, audio, and interactive features. The newly revised format includes built-in, assignable assessments, and a bright new interface.
  • Statistical Applets to help students master key concepts.
  • EESEE Case Studies developed by the Ohio State University Statistics Department are timely, real examples with real data.
  • Data sets are available in ASCII, Excel, Minitab, and TI.
  • Stepped Tutorials These new exercise tutorials (2-3 per chapter) are easily assignable and assessable. The tutorials are centered on algorithmically generating quizzing with step-by-step feedback to help students work their way toward the correct solution.
  • CrunchIT! is a web-based statistical program that allows users to perform all of the statistical operations and graphing needed for an introductory statistics course and more. It saves users time by automatically loading data from W. H. Freeman’s statistics textbooks, and provides the flexibility to edit and import additional data.
  • LearningCurve via StatsPortal is an adaptive quizzing and personalized learning program that puts the concept of "testing to learn" into action. Game-like quizzing motivates students to engage with their course, and reporting tools help teachers get a handle on what their class needs to focus on.
  • Student Study Guide with Selected Solutions includes explanations of crucial concepts with step–by–step models of important statistical techniques.
  • Video Tech Manuals Available in the Premium Book Companion Site, StatsPortal and the e-Book, these are brief, instructional videos for using statistical software. Available for Excel, SPSS, TI-83/84 calculators, JMP, and Minitab.

Instructor Resources:

  • Instructor's Guide with Full Solutions
  • Test Bank containing hundreds of multiple choice questions.
Study Plan

Assignment Center

StatsPortal organizes assignments and guides instructors through an easy-to-create assignment process, providing access to questions from the Test Bank, WebQuizzes, and text exercises, many of which are algorithmic. The Assignment Center also enables instructors to create their own assignments for their students from a variety of question-types for self-graded assignments. And, instructors can create their own questions, making it extremely versatile and adaptable to support the course objectives.

Assignment Center
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